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"Use every man after his desert, and who should 'scape whipping?"

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Greed dreams

As i slump into deep and incurable debt i have these hallucinations about being a midas
of the blogging world. As if i had something to say that anyone would pay money to read!

Here goes:
1. My blog is basically an autobiography but turned into a day by day thing.
So it is 1963, i have run home from school, no one opens the front door, i am 9 and worried, i run round the back of the house to find my 15-year-old sister weeping. I never saw anyone so bereft before. She tells me they shot the President.
2. I do a blog about the best charity shops in London . THRIFT -- reviews with star ratings, the lot, nb the move by Oxfam etc to speicalise with media stores, bookshops, vintage clothes
3. Lavenderhillmob21.co.uk - a very (but hardly hyper) local service focusing on every single business between here and Clapham Junction, etc etc ...

Well, I have been busy have I not!

Bloomin 'eck.
Time for a fag and snooze.