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Monday, 5 August 2013

"Go home or face arrest" campaign: do they actually want more riots?

In all the rows over the government's latest wheeze to cut down on illegal immigrant workers, two pretty obvious objections do not seem to have been raised.

The “Go home or face arrest” poster campaign is such  a brilliant idea,  you have to wonder which super-brain adviser thought it up. Problem: there are too many immigrants entering the country and working illegally.    Many of them cannot even speak English, we are told. Like, we are so great at speaking foreign languages wherever we decide to plonk of xxxl arses.

Anyway, this is what our marvellous government, led by the splendid estate agent-in-chief David Cameron thinks is the  "big problem" facing our "big society".  Solution: Stick an enormous poster on the sites of  mobile hoarding vans and drive them around areas where it is assumed most of these illegals carry out their nefarious business. Such as Brent.

Make sure the poster is as nasty and threatening as possible: "106 arrests last week in your area".

Above, make sure it is in language that your target audience understands. That's, er, English?

The campaign has been rubbished by almost all, including the party it was clearly meant to undermine, UKIP. It's crass, offensive, stupid, everyone (well, almost everyone) agrees on that. Except the Governement, which seems to believe the £10,000 pilot was a success and is now talking of extending it around the country.

Amazing that Boris should support putting these large, polluting vehicles on the already over-crowded roads of north west London. They pollute not just with their exhaust gas but also with their hideous message - and with the sheer ugliness of the huge poster design and the ludicrous vehicle that is displaying it.

It's like they are asking for new riots. I would be sorely tempted to throw something at one of these vans if it came down my street. I hope they pay their drivers very well.

Footnote: eventually even the government realised this jolly little brainwave wasn't really helping anyone, and the minster responsible - Home Sec Theresa May - scrapped plans for a national "roll-out".
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