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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The ghastliness of GQ

Interesting to read that GQ - I think that used to stand for "Gentleman's Quarterly" - is the last lad standing in the mens' mag quarter of UK magazine publishing.

This was one of those annoying laudatory articles in the ES business pages about GQ editor Dylan Jones marking his 15th year in this distinguished seat.

I used to think Jones was a good man, one of the 80s lot who stuck to magazine journalism, and one who clearly deserves much respect for creating jobs for loads of journalism graduates.

But reading this piece, I began to wonder. He is the last man standing in this world of glossy men's magazines, and he has to hold up the side. He is dismissive about sponsored editorial, though admits it provides some useful work for "unemployed journalists". Among his top half dozen distinguished contributors is Blair's former pr man Alastair Campbell, who seems to be going back to his journalistic roots.

Well, yes, I know what he means there. As an unemployed journalist, I have worked for all sorts of sponsored pages in all sorts of publication. It makes me ill to remember this.

But then he's also on the offensive about Russell Brand and his remarks about Hugo Boss.

He thinks it's a bit off of Brand to bite the hand that gave him first class travel and luxury accommodation in LA. Brand bites hands. The Boss story is a bit more complex as we probably - as citizens of a country that, up til 1939, fell over itself to sell nice cars and clothes to the leaders of Europe's fastest-growing economy - know to our shame.

Depending on whether you read this article online or in print, you will come away thinking Mr Jones is a genius at wall-sitting. His views on PR seem to be more fully explained in the web version of this interview.

But the thing that really comes across is how much like a champion boxer Mr best-dressed Dylan Jones can be. How he jabs at his target, then pulls back. At least, he says of Mr Brand, "no-one died".

You know something is happening here….etc.

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