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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Too good not to re-blog - I love council houses too!

Guerilla art in SW4 - the John Lanchester novel becomes reality as a fly-sticker hits the streets of Clapham, covering estate agents' boards with " I love council houses" postersSeen on the Brixton Buzz blog, images from a small guerrilla art intervention in the
expensive heart of Clapham's house-price inflation zone.

The "I heart council houses" posters stuck over estate agents' boards are in the fine tradition started by feminist modifications of the texts of cosmetics ad hoardings back in the 1970s.

Looked out for them on way to work this morning - nothing visible until I got to the junction of Edgely Road and Larkhall Rise. Just a couple of them left there, a good hard shout for an alternative to the creation of yet another millionaire's row in this most unlikely of locations.

As I took photos, estate agents in their embarrassingly emblazoned minis and BMWs cruised around. As I left I saw one of these shiny vehicles screeched to a stop. A smart young man in a suit gets out and approaches the boards with an angry look.

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