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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Anti-nuclear message on the buses

Anti-nuclear campaigners take to London's bus network with this very professional ad on a 45 - so much better than being told to buy aftershave or burgers.
Spotted this morning on a the side of bus in Brixton - a rather good anti-nuclear weapons ad from CND.

That's the first time in a while  I've seen such an ad, and it was a surprise. They must have cost a bit.
Seems a good thing - just for once we were not being told to buy something (apart, of course, from the anti-nuclear bomb message).

Is it the new climate of fear that's causing the revival of this group, which so often gets associated with the early '60s, Aldermaston marches, duffle coats, etc? The Scottish independence referendum, which will affect where Trident is based?

Well, it turns out  the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is running these ads just for Budget week, and has been raising funds for them via its website.

Putin and Kim Jong-un do seem to have upped the ante to the point where it's now not madness to start having those mushroom-cloud panic dreams.

What with Israel, Pakistan, and god know who else also in the club, you begin to convince yourself that it is not if but when.

So - all strength to the people behind that poster on the 45 bus!

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