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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Andy's barbershop on Landor Road - did I write too soon? I hope so, but the plot thickens...

It used to be Andy's on Landor Road – the best barbershop in all the SW London postcodes, in my admittedly prejudiced opinion. But now what's going on?
Having written about the closure of my favourite barbershop a few days ago, I went  back today just to get a couple of photos before the place was ripped apart or whatever. Instead what I get is a new burst of hope that maybe Andy's of Landor Road, SW9,  not closing after all….but then again, maybe he is.

Typical note from Andy when he goes on holidayAs you can see from the top photo, the windows are covered over with newspaper on the inside. It looks more like re-decoration than demolition or a total refurb.

But - in the main sign above the shop, Andy's name has been whitewashed out, as though there's a new owner who can't bothered to get a whole new sign made, and is just going to put their name there.

Then I look closer and see one of Andy's handwritten messages, a bit scrunched up, sellotaped to the window. But it's still legible: "Gone on holiday, back on 2nd September".

So, I was wrong, it seems - he's just having the shop nicely tarted up while he's back in Cyprus, a fresh coat of paint etc, to help with the eventual sale? I feel relieved and foolish all at once. What if he'd read my last entry?

Then I see two other things that make me worried again. When you look hard at the sign above the window, you can just make out the word "Andys" painted over, while"Barbers" has been left as it was.

Then  I notice two further small notes in the window - these are drawn in pencil, and one at least appears to show some sort of shield with some words in what might be an eastern European language…or might just be the name of a football club or something. There's also the date 1908 in the bottom left quarter of the shield - maybe the year this team started or won some big cup?

I begin to wonder if he's sold the place to a Polish barber, or maybe that young apprentice is taking it over? If anyone knows what these mean, please let me know here, it's fascinating.

It's all a mystery, but I am hoping to see Andy on September 2 when I will give him a full apology (and a better than usual tip)!


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