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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Regurgitation alert: page 52 of today's Homes and property supplement in the Evening Standard

If you live in the SW8 area and you are eating your tea (or your supper, dinner, breakfast or just another bucket of wings from KFC) I would advise you to look away, now.

It's in today's Standard, the property section of which has become something like the in-house newspaper for London's wonderful, warm-hearted and fast-growing community of developers, estate agents and speculative buyers.

This fat wad of full-colour printed hymns of praise to all the latest developments within commuting distance of Liverpool Street has become a prime source of inspiration for grumpy old sods like me.

Usually it just makes me angry. Today it nearly made me vomit, just with one headline.

I could hardly believe they were using this headline, here, now in 2016, about 35 years after I first heard of "Clapham" being referred to as "Cla'am".

At around the same time, people were half-jokingly referring to Battersea as "Ba-TER-see-ya" and Stockwell as "St. Ockwell".

Today the Standard topped all this with a headline which they must surely have been keeping on ice for all those 35 years.

(Look away, now)

"Stockwell: the new Clapham"

Sorry. I did warn you.

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